Sunday, 17 June 2012

Come Monday, I looked in the mirror.

My face was now inappropriate for the workplace.

So I went to work armed with a plan. As I arrived and as was the case every Monday morning, my boss wished me good morning and asked me how my weekend was without looking up from his computer. I used this as my in.

"Good, but my bloody Babyliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble All Over Hair and Beard Trimmer broke, didn't it."

He looked up from his desk and almost fell off his chair.

I'd originally planned to go into town at lunch and buy another beard trimmer. But then a colleague mentioned something. He mentioned the power of Twitter. He mentioned that I'd kept my beard trimmer in the exact conditions specified, and mentioned that Babyliss should probably replace it.

I agreed.

So, at 2.03pm on Tuesday, 12th June, I tweeted the following:

@BaBylissUK Hi! For some reason my Babyliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble stopped working at the weekend, is there anyone that can help me with it??

And waited for a response.

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