Sunday, 24 June 2012

After 16 days without shaving, my time as a bearded man is coming to an end.

I know this because Babyliss's direct email read:

"We are sorry to hear of the problems you have been experiencing with your I-Stubble, please can you advise when you purchased this and where it was purchased and if you still hold proof of purchase. Please can you also advise us of the Batch code which is embossed on the appliance and will look something like 1409sv."

So I replied. I let Babyliss know that sadly my Babyliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble All Over Hair and Beard Trimmer was a gift, and therefore I did not know when it was purchased or where it was purchased and I did not have proof of purchase.

I also let them know my batch code, which they would use to determine whether or not they were obligated to repair my beard trimmer.

My reply will be picked up tomorrow and, shortly after, the fate of my face will be revealed.

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