Tuesday, 19 June 2012

But for the entire day following my initial tweet to Babyliss on Tuesday, 12th June (see previous post), I heard nothing! 

I was scared. 

I was scared Babyliss had overlooked my tweet, or misread it. I was scared because my beard had now gone five days without a trim. And I was scared because I'm a realist: I knew that once Babyliss realised my beard trimmer had been been kept in the precise conditions specified; once they realised I'd handled it with nothing but care and once they agreed it was their moral and ethical duty to send me an urgent replacement, it could still take 3-5 working days to arrive.

So I sent them a second tweet.

@BaBylissUK Hi! You seem to have accidently removed my previous tweet! As I said, my beard trimmer is broken! How do I resolve this?

But alas, nothing! If this was going to be given the attention it deserved, I needed to go visual.

@BaBylissUK Still awaiting a response re my faulty beard trimmer! Please help, I now look like this! 

Immediately, Babyliss replied...

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